Whatcha Reading? Patti Smith


Patti Smith’s book, Just Kids, is currently blowing my mind. Having just visited New York on one of my most recent trips, I am nostalgic for that wild island. The way in which Patti encapsulates that fever of a city just messes up my hair and leaves me satisfied.

Patti Smith is one of those musicians that comes out of left field, even today. Her words twirl around your head and you wonder what she really means. Its that similar feeling of when you stare really hard into the blue of the sky. Grounded but dizzy.Whats up with that Patti?

Her book gives me this experience of childlike curiosity… I just sit and read and wait for more words. Pick up the book, put on her music and rock slowly around your house all at the same time. Amazing.

Get it here.

I’ve got seven ways of going, seven wheres to be,
seven sweet disguises, seven ways of serving Thee.
Lord, I do extol Thee, for Thou has lifted me.

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