What to buy in Morocco


Morocco is one of the best places to travel for markets, bargaining and exquisite locally made goods of all kinds. Shopping in Morocco is an entire adventure in itself and not only requires knowing what you like and want, but also your ability to fight for the price. The price that is right.

The souqs of Marrakech and Fez are famous for their incredible markets that wind you into a spell of leather goods, shining lamps and scrumptious bites. These two cities are where I found the most intense and incredible experiences of shopping in my lifetime. Dramatic, but true. I do not consider shopping a religious experience, however in Morocco you can’t do this without your heart and soul. You spend hours wandering through the souq to find one of a kind items, dodging monkey’s, snakes in baskets and the delightful man with a tooth collection.

Morocco is a hub for the hidden treasure.

Here is my guide to a few of the must-buys in this beautiful land of desert, spices and rugged terrain.


The carpets in Morocco are among some of the most affordable and beautiful you can find in the world. Intricate detail, a myriad of colours and patterns. Sizes from tiny, small to enormous/need a camel to carry the thing size. These rugs are going up and up in price due to the fact that so many of the traditional producers of this product have become disinterested in the art. Less rugs are being made year by year. So! Here is your chance to buy a rare and beautifully handmade rug that ISN’T from Ikea. Your mum will be impressed.



The leather goods in Morocco cover everything. Everything! Sandals, jackets, bags of all kinds… pants! All that your heart may desire. A wonderful place to buy leather is most definitely in Fez. This is where a great deal of leather tanneries are located. They offer tours to see the leather being stained and treated- and luckily also some lavender for your nose because that stuff is stinky! Look at the bags in particular. The leather is of incredible quality, but make sure they are talking to you in cow or camel. Camel is less quality than cow, and they can get a little tricky if they know you can’t tell the difference!

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Rocks? Nope. Ancient fossils and minerals. Morocco you have done it again. All over Morocco, but particularly in the South, there is many a rocky treasure to be sought. I picked up the most intriguing little fossil as a gift for my lovely brother on a side of the road shop FULL of treasures. It looked just like the one pictured below. Fossils are something that you could never buy in normal circumstances. My advice: read up on how to tell the real deal before looking.

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There are SO many things to buy on this front. Rings of all kinds, necklaces to adorn you to your hearts’ desire. The traditionally crafted jewels from Morocco are not expensive, but they are authentic. Turquoise and red beads wound around silver chains. There are so many stunning pieces to feast upon. Fez has a wonderful selection but don’t be surprised if you find your best collections on the side of the road on the way to Ouazarzate. Roll with it.

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The brass and stainless steel lamps of Morocco are not so similar to ones that you can find in Turkey. They are hand crafted and carved entirely out of the material to create lamps with such intricate detail that I have failed to find since. However! The lamp makers and sellers drive a hard bargain. I am one to barter, and they resisted every twinkle of eye that I could muster. I must say though, they are worth the charge. Just don’t take the first price lying down.

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If you name a price- always be prepared to buy it! This cheeky guy below started a bidding war with me that I expected to never end in my way… After walking away, he followed me for 10-15 minutes until finally- we got to my price! I bought this pretty door knocker AND got the price I thought would never eventuate.

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More on Morocco in Travel is coming soon! How to be the BEST Bargainer of them all, Secret tips and tricks and much more…

See y’all soon.

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