Melbourne: Turpins Falls


Imagine hills of yellowing dry grass, acres of fields interrupted with a comparatively tiny crevice. Inside that crevice is where you can find Turpins Falls. 

Parking your car in the little make-shift car park (you must have a car or horse to get there- about 1.5hr drive from CBD) wander along the hills’ pathway. Down! As you descend its almost like a feather could knock you over because blow me down theres a lake down here!!

In the winter months the falls will be in full falling swing, and you can sit among the long grass and picnic to your hearts content. In summer the falls are reduced to a trickle, but spending a hot day swimming and diving in the deep water from the rocks’ edge is just bliss. B-l-i-s-s. Couldn’t dream of describing it any other way.


What you need:

Car/steed,   Cat*,  Leash for cat**,  Hat, Something fabulous to float on. must. be. fabulous.

*only if you cannot leave home without

**so as not to lose it in the bountiful paradise

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photo 1.JPG


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