Happy, Happy Weekend Peach!


Happy Weekend furry lads. What adventures are you planning? I haven’t had so much time for myself in these past few crazy weeks, so I’ve decided to escape to the windy. grey and moody beach for some moments of salty bliss. I have done so much lately! Organizing my BIG MOVE to Germany… singing Bach and designing this lovely new site. Everything has been work- lucky I’m absolutely crazy about it all. Big surges of excitement hit me along with the waves of exhaustion.

So! This weekend I plan on taking my Murakami to a cafe in my woollies. To luxuriate in silence amidst the chaos of a weekend morning cafe. I am going to walk holding hands with my lover, listen to Tame Impala and drink wine with special treasures/friends. Oh! And I am going on a lovely trip into the grungey center of Melbourne to buy my beautiful mate a vibrator. Everything is happening.

What are you going to do today? What are you going to do tonight?! Make it magical. Think of things to do on a Sunday that help you get into that creamy, justifiably indulgent feeling of contentment. Have the best one y’all.


As always, I have some links to things that might tickle that fancy of yours. And music. Always.

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Let us know what you’re up to!


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