The Queen of Kawaii Japanese Style: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu




kəˈwʌɪ/ kah- wah- ee

in the context of Japanese popular culture, cute.

“She paints elephants that are extremely kawaii.”




Have you ever seen someone with the ability to wear such a wide array of terrifyingly cute wigs and outfits that are the perfect balance between nightmare and dream? Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is fashion inspiration in over drive. This is not a drill.

If you aren’t aware of the outlandish and ever so epic fashion trends that emerge from Tokyo and those Harajuku girls that Gwen Stefani became ever so infatuated with… then something is missing in your life. Be calm, you are now complete. Welcome to my favourite Japanese musician and fashion icon.

Let us all bathe in her candy-coloured craziness.



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P.S  If you are ever in the need of wig-speration, what to pack for your trip to Japan or just a lil’ sumthin to put those dimples in your cheeks, look no further than my gal Kyary.

P.P.S See ya soon, peach. 


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