The One Thing I Will Buy This Summer


The season of sweating it up in the hot, dry summer sun Down Under is already peaking his nose around the corner. As an Aussie gal this is also the time that we need to start thinking about Christmas and the purchasing of gifts. Love and presents for all, but don’t go forgetting numero uno! One should always treat oneself and the holiday season is the ultimate time for self-indulgent giftery. It’s a time to sit back and reflect on that special little something you’re going to use to reward your fine self for having ticked off the year on your Hello Kitty to-do list. Boom 2016, you’re (almost) so last year.

What is going to be my ‘me’ gift just for sweet ol’ moi?

You heard it here first… MULES! I close my eyes and I see mules. I bake a pie and I see mules.

Mules are heaven.

It could be the ease in which they just slide on your feet without the worry and bother of having to downward dog to get them done up. I could also be the fact that they remind me of my Baby from Spice Girls phase. Either way, these shoes are hitting the right spot and the jackpot and are without a doubt the number one shoe in my heart.

Here are some of my favorites… lets put ourselves on the pedestal this Summer and get on with the realization that we are all just badass babes getting ourselves that much closer to the stars through the clever use of a platform heel. Mules.




Asos / Suede Mules


Lipstik / Black Diddly Mules


Jeffrey Campbell / Perpetua Mule

Featured image source.

What is lusting it up in your wish list as we speak? Now is the time to treat yo-self, so if you don’t know then you must know. You’re worth it. Cheeky.




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