We need silence sometimes


I like noise. If I’m home alone I crank the stereo, I dance and I am constantly singing. I can only imagine what my neighbours think of this weird opera, hip hop loving gyrator.

It’s only been a recent occurrence that I’ve noticed… silence is useful. Ok, so I’m not inventing the menstrual cup here, but I feel like this realisation is making some sort of impression on so many aspects of my life. 

I am never one to hold back. Subtlety has never and will never be my strong suit. How does one pocket their thoughts when they could be screamed at the top of their lungs?! Lungs are made for this! No?

You know when you tell other people advice that you simply couldn’t take yourself? I feel like that is exactly what silence gives you. In confrontations, times of good and bad.


I’m finding…

When you want to be heard. Be silent.

When you want to listen. Be silent.

When you want to run away… sit, and breathe and beeeee silent. 

Let your own silence wrap around you. Let it swallow you and spit you and grate you and mate you.


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  • confessionsofawhirlwindmind
    February 23, 2016

    I both agree and disagree. I agree with the dancing, singing, crazy cacophony of seemingly contradictory styles of music because one’s personality is just too damn big to be contained, pigeon-holed, inside a stereotype. I don’t like being typecast because I’m so much more than just this or that aspect of my personality, my clothes, my likes and dislikes. But I also have a love-hate relationship with silence. Sometimes it can feel oppressive; other times any threat to or interruptions of silence make me beyond irate. What to do?

    • sophieellis
      February 24, 2016

      What to do exactly. You sound exactly like me friend, and all I can say it let that freak flag fly!!!! Silence doesn’t have to be oppressive, but I feel like learning when you, your mind and your human interactions need it is the key to something… possibly worthwhile. Its a juggle, this thing called life huh.

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