Playlist: Disco for Days


What is more uplifting than disco? If you wanna dance; disco. If you wanna smile; disco. If you wanna have an amazing life; disco. If you wanna get out of work to disco; disco.

Nothing, just NOTHING can get me up like a funky disco tune. Add Soul Train to the equation, and you have yourself style and dance-move inspiration for this and the next life.

Once again this week is just pregnant with opportunity and the urgency of loving and being loved… so I thought I would accompany that cacophony of laughter and cheering that would normally go on throughout your average ‘hump day’ Wednesday with… DISCO. You’re welcome, I do love you too.

Keep that groove funky. Funk up and down, all, over, town. Bye.



I shall leave you with the image of Sly Stone

I shall leave you with rhythm in your heart.


Feature Photo sourced here.


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