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I know a lot of people consider classical music to be boring. I am obviously not one of those people, considering my passion for opera and the diva life, however I am aware of this general consensus. I don’t think all classical music is fantastic, but like any piece of art there are some works that just absolutely slap me in the face with unimaginable something. Something I can’t quite put my finger on… but who cares? It’s good.

In music there is this idea that some is caviar and some is plain old banana. I do not buy into this fallacy. ALL music feeds your soul, so don’t push things away that you haven’t given time to really FEEL. I hereby banish the words ‘guilty pleasure’ in regards to any and all music. Why should you feel guilty about listening to songs that make you tingle and dance?

Music is for feeling and all emotions are worthwhile.Β 

The way in which we as individuals hear, translate pitches and melodies and emotionally interpret music is completely and utterly unique. The same notes could be entering our eardrums at the same moment in the same place and we shall both feel something different. Maybe it touches a memory that is painful, soft or hard… maybe it lulls you into a sense of nothingness that is just everything you need.

So, I wanted to share with you my absolute favorite piano concerto. I have no idea why, but whenever I hear this my entire being wells up into a sense of gratitude for my plain and simple existence. How have humans created such bliss for our ears and souls to experience? Instruments, notes on a page that all magically align to create something that communicates to the puzzle pieces of our humanity. Music that gives you sensations that are just impossible to fully articulate and encapsulate. Feely feelings get to me when I hear this. Uhhh yup. Tears of joy running over a frown-smile.

In a world that seems to be filling with such immense turmoil that we are coming to call home, we need to remember how remarkable we as the human race are. We are capable of so much love and care for one another, and that love is a muscle that needs to be flexed and practiced. This concerto helps me exercise my blood right to love the world, to love others and to love myself. Music can do that kinda thing sometimes. If you let it lead.


Here is part one. Enjoy and let me know what you think.




What do you think about classical music? Remember to let your walls fall down sometimes. Remember to care and to focus on all of this wonderful good that is in the simple and plain things that surround you.

Love you bye!


Featured image by Noah BaslΓ©.

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