New York City: Upper East To West Side


Welcome to my absolute highlights of the Upper East and West Sides. Home to the heart and soul of the city, Central Park. Notorious for their Upper Class population of penthouse apartments, lush brownstone homes and everything Tiffany’s, Dolce and Amazing. The Upper East and West side are not to be missed. Eat bagels here, pretend to be Samantha/Charlotte or the red haired one, wear nice shoes… wink at anyone in a suit with a full head of hair. You’re set.

To get you in the mood I thought I would play you a little tune… just wait for it.



Central Park

Central Park is huge. It’s a jungle of hundreds of secret pockets of happiness and there is only so much you can see in one day. Check out the turtles by the fountain, pay tribute to the Beatles and John Lennon in the Strawberry Fields, and take a long lolloping cruise in a row boat in the lake at Loeb’s Boathouse. Take a picnic, bask in your own assertion that you make fantastic life decisions.

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These houses rival my love for the tinsy railroad-style apartments scattered throughout West Village.These houses are a poem waiting to happen, a sonnet, a soliloquy. The tree lined streets in the Upper West side are in more than one film set. Samantha definitely had sex in one of these houses. Think about that.

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Natural History Museum

Just incredible! The dinosaur bone collection here is mind blowing, and you don’t have to be mentally/physically a little kid to stare in awe. This museum is a must see when coming to New York. Lines aren’t too painful, all is wondrous and worth the many hours you shall spend sucked into the past with wandering Neanderthals, learning about how the ancient civilizations developed and conquered and scored some hard-core action on all sides. This museum rocks all socks.

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photo 2(4)

Waiting for a maate.




They have such a plethora of ever changing exhibitions taking the fortunate you from one artist to the next. It’s legend to legend. Strength to strength. You will never, ever be disappointed with The Met. Ever.

Bonus! One of the best views of NYC. Head to the rooftop (its kind of hard to find, you have to badger around 15 security guards to get there… but once you do you will not regret).

photo 1


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 5th Avenue

Have your classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment avec croissant, wander through all the high fashion shops and people watch the high fashion fashionistas. This Avenue is lux as lux, and make sure you have at least one Pretty Woman experience. I had five.. am still waiting to make my comeback with my rich pimp’s credit card but I truly believe in future me.

Bergdorf and Goodmans… Dolce… Tiffanys…. Bloomingdales..oh my.





Levain Bakery Cookies

Upper West Side 167 West 74th St. New York, NY 10023

This cookie experience is one you shall never in your long, long life forget. The creation of the expression ‘mouth orgasm’ is rumored to have sprung from their very first customer. Caught on like fire, and so will your loins after just one bite.


Photo by guysgab.

Hot Dogs

Top: Gray’s Papaya OR any hot dog stand (don’t be a fussy B)

Choose the dog with the filthiest set of toppings and you shall prosper. Cheesy, bacon, chili, chili, cheese and you’re set.



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