Moving to Germany: Deutschland gehen.


It takes just as much energy to wish as it does to plan.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Moving to Germany is going to be the biggest step I have taken in my life in order to follow my dreams. I am an aspiring opera singer, language lover and all round twerk enthusiast. It has always been in the back of my mind that I am eventually gonna have to give the Europe thing a go. This year is it.


Where? Berlin. Why? BERLIN.


It’s not hard to understand why any creative person would have the urge to move to this city. It’s the hub for all underground and overground (operatic) art as well as incredible food, culture, and the club scene… lets just save that for a post in itself. Berghain.

The suburb I must live in is Kreuzberg. Filled with artists and young cool people rocking about covered in tatts, wearing their vintage slips under full fur coats in summer, sipping their beer bottles on along the grassy riverbank. Heaven in a neighbourhood, and my idea of paradis. 

Rent in this area is not so cheap, but for the lifestyle, approximation to all things wonderful such as river times 101… its what I’m willing to pay for. Per month we are looking at 400 Euros minimum for a one bedroom apartment or studio. Even less in the neighbouring suburb of Neuköln, where you can find places of similar size for about a third of the price of one in Kreuzberg. Hm! Suburb finance debate sandwich!

So what does it take to pack up your life and leave your network of all things…. friends, family, cat etc? I’m starting to feel it takes a set of huge balls. Mine are growing as we speak, and I’m hoping that by the time I leave they will be of full size to support my car trip to the airport, my legs to board and my head to keep while mid-air and on my way.

Even without considering all of the responsible things that one must organise before making that move- visa, housing, tickets..blahblahblah I am blindsided. The whole deer in lights thing. BUT! Do not misunderstand me; I want this. I dream of this. I yearn for it.


I’m terrified.

Fears I’m facing:

  1. New country = new friends right? ……RIGHT?!
  2. The music industry, in particular the opera singer = tough as tiiiiittttts
  3. FOMO for all my friends activities in Melbourne: is it bad to hope everyone sits in a dark room until you return for those few weeks’ visit?
  4. The weather. Okay, Melbourne isn’t known for having the friendliest of forecasts, but dude, snow just doesn’t happen. That stuff comes from the freezer down here!
  5. Life, money, life, money.
  6. Packing up my house that I’m currently sharing with my best friend. How. Nup, can’t talk about it.
  7. Fitting a three-person size wardrobe into a 30kg allowance. Everything is my favourite!!! They’re my babies!!!
  8. Is it illegal to smuggle my weight in Vegemite… ?


So here is one for those of you who are taking that leap into the deep, dark woods of the unknown. I chink my glass to yours and say- challenge accepted. 


Have you ever moved to a foreign country? Share your experience down stairs in the comment section below. Love you bye! 

Photo by Sandy Kim.


2 Responses
  • Diana
    March 22, 2016

    Girl you have balls! I’m from Peru and been in USA a couple of times 4 months each time just working and living a mountain life I loved it. I dream of travelling Europe one day. Have fun and enjoy it!

    • sophieellis
      March 22, 2016

      The balls are growing. I won’t know if they’re the right size until i get there and face it all. Exciting though, and my love I’m certain you could do it yourself. Travel Europe- there is so sososos much to see you will die of happiness!!

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