Miroslava Duma: A Goddess


A little Russian style inspo for your afternoon delight. Miroslava has been rocking it all over the planet for a while now. With her elf-like features shes a regular dream boat on your ride to Never Never Land. Even at 8 months pregnant she can out-dress, and probably out-dance you. I just cry every time I see her picture. (Not true, but shes a babe right?)

I love the way she wears clothes. She wears clothes SO well. (L) (L) (L)

Check this out and lets start a club/cult in order to worship her Highness.

Fearless Female Fashionista, I salute you.

Miroslava Duma style (2)Miroslava Duma style (21)Miroslava Duma height (1)Miroslava Duma style (1)Miroslava Duma style (20)Miroslava Mikheeva Duma style (20)Miroslava style (1)

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