Long Lost Lust Song.


For almost every notable romantic relationship in my life I have a song… or five that I have permanently devoted to a boy entirely without his knowledge. Secret song, some might say.

Here’s what happens. I start dating a guy/talking/crushing/making eyes… stares and eyes and whatnot…and just by chance these songs come to me. At that time of complete fuzziness of when you meet a human that’s just so damn fine.

 So I would like to dedicate these to those. My songs to my guys. Fellas. Amigos. The ones that ran away.. oh love, you got me hooked.

Feature photo by Wildfox Couture.

Music and romance. MRMRMRMRmmmmm.

Got any songs you can’t listen to without thinking of that girl/guy/thang? Oh the bliss of old heart throbbers.

Phew! Boy flashback over. See ya! 




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