Kate Moss: Styling the 90s


All hail the Queen of I-don’t-give-a-sheet style. The Principessa of hot hair mess of burning sex. The Kate Moss. From her teens to today she has been breaking hearts all over the planet, and this is my own personal opportunity to let her know.

Kate, I love you.

Is there anything better than Kate Moss in the 90s?

Butter? No. Chocolate? Nup. Sex? Ok sex is better… but we ALSO love ourselves some Kate. KM + 90s + sex= unlimited possibilities and overwhelming amount of happiness that then turns to confusion and of course, shame. Imagine if we added butter to that equation.

This is a nod of the head to our Lady and her solid hot-bitch looks from the past (couple) of decades. Style inspiration for those who have forgotten to look to our foremothers of style and fashion. Amen and shall you rock a baggy wooly as Kate doth want.



Who is your ultimate style inspiration? Share and care and spare and stare. xx


Featured image by Juergen Teller. Sourced from here. 




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