Brand Love: Jewels by Martha Jean


Martha Jean is a stunning line of jewellery, accessories and art locally designed right here in Melbourne. This brand has got me with love in my eyes. Big, red hearts. I have become addicted and I don’t know that my ears could handle going cold turkey or any other kind of deli meat.

Their earrings are to die for. Jewels for ladies of all kinds- but mostly the badass kind.

They are like sparkly fairy dust/magic… and the wonderful thing is that not only are they the most beautiful treasures to wear on oneself, but they are so comfortable. The light-weight material make for light-spirits and smug smiles of those who know that they are fabulous by association. Fashion and comfort need to be making natural pairs more often!

Thank you M.J!

A Melbourne based jeweler that hears our calls and answers with happy hot times that don’t require the whole pain for gain boring thang. Phew! Hurrah!

If you’re Melburnian folk, then find them in such places as Fitzroy North. If you’re not in the Land Down Under, have a tiny peak at the jewels online. Beware: beautiful creations, reasonable prices and a sassy fashionista personality shall ensue.


Martha Jean online: here.

P.S For more fashion you might like Kate Moss and the 90s or O-mighty.

Feature image from the Martha Jean Blog.



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