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Well hello there, worthwhile human. How goes it? How y’all doing? I wish I had a Southern American Accent. A little off topic, and nothing to do with our weekend.. but lets just imagine how great life could be with that slow, sexy drawl for a voice. What would be cool is if we were able to reinvent our voices and accents like we do our hairstyles. This week I’m a country girl from Tennessee and I live down yonder eating biscuit and box-stepping my way through life. Just deal with it.

What are y’all doing for the weekend? Running around naked in a field of daisies? I hope you’re doing at least ONE thing naked. Free time is for nudes and checking items off your to-do list.

My plans include the intention to go and see a Jazz gig. Note: intention. It is going to be a rainy few days but that shall not stop me from celebrating the aging of my best friend by helping her drink wine bottles and moving into her banging new bachelorette pad. I am collating a ridiculous pile of music to be learnt and loved in the near future, and still trying to get through the Moonlight Sonata on piano without throwing my cat across the room.

*George, if you’re reading this, know that I would never do that to you.

Ok, without another second to waste let’s raise our glasses to the weekend. This one’s for you.

Around the Internet this week and a tune (chhewn). Happy Weekend!
Yeeeeee Harrrrrrr


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FINALLY we are going to be seeing the Gilmore Girls Revival. DLSnfksjndfjn! No words.

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Pizza Mac & Cheese. I don’t really know if there’s anything else to say.


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Sending out love and warm vibes. Hasta la vista. 

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