Hola Weekend.


Hello All! Its the freakin’ weeken’! As we speak, I’m aiming a bazooka filled with ‘get jiggy with it’ dust in your direction, and I’m only seconds away from letting it rip. You’re about to get down lower than you have ever lowered that fanny* before.

*Interesting slang fact: in America fanny = butt, in Australia fanny = vagina. And guess what? Both are great. Lower it all.             Get down, it’s Friday.

This weekend I am happy to say it’s going to get (mildly) buck-wild, with a celebration of a close friends’ upcoming nuptials… we are about to give her a raging party for her hens filled with wine and bathing in hot tubs. No strippers, as far as she knows.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that this year is about to draw to an end, and as such I am reaching the moment in which I start to think- oh no, what have I actually done this year? Am I self-actualized? Do I even kung-fu? The anxiety is rising, so I also plan on doing some yoga, and giving a little bit of mediation a go. Have you ever tried this app? I’ll let you know what I think!

Zen is the way to go in October. Zen could also (probably) lead to kung-fu ability, so we are in luck.

I wanna wish you a weekend filled with jazz hands, gut-hurting laughs and freshly picked flower petals spilling over your luxuriating, naked bodies. All of the things! Happy Weekend!


Here is a tune and some links that make me think, drool and smile.

What are your family’s signature dinners? I live with my best friends, and our family always cooks… pasta! All kinds. Forever (L)

Now, this is an impressive sandwich. A sandwich of weekend dreams, some might say.

August in Paris. Sunny and dreamy as ever.

Thinking of becoming the next biggest and baddest entrepreneur? How to build a brand your own way.

These beautiful pictures have me yearning to book a last minute flight to Hawaii. Ah! Magical.

In light of all of the dramas re USA and their presidential campaigning… this made me laugh.

How did public bathrooms become separated by sex in the first place? A really interesting perspective on a really important issue.

I love this. Things may fall apart… but you never know, that storm just might be your ticket to a new moon.

Its heating up in Melbourne, and as such I have been eyeing off this little swimsuit.

This Free People Lookbook has me drooling. One word: velvet. Smooth.

Thinking of jazzing up those boring, dust-filled walls? 11 great wallpapers. Jazzed and out.


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