Have a Sunny Weekend.


Finally we are seeing a cheeky wink of Summer! I am actually bursting with joy at the fact that this weekend we are going to have not one but TWO days of sunshine down here in the at times moody Melbourne. At my house we are taking advantage of the weather to do a full blown backyard blitz to get ready for a marathon of barbecue dinners and backyard afternoon swilling of the latest, cheapest Rosé we can get our hands on. Bliss is this weather, I tell ya! We are also going to take a trip over to the local Hispanic Fiesta in Fitzroy to dance some salsa and eat our weight in delicious BBQ corn. Yes!

So this weekend is all about the afternoon beers, the evening sangrias and the letting go of the stresses that have been building over this (particularly long) winter. Our backyard is so up for this TLC, as are we.

Have yourself a sunny weekend and don’t forget to smile and love a little. You are a blossoming flower come butterfly- spread those wings, baby!


Some Links For Wandering and a Tune!

I just watched this Winona classic for the very first time. She is heaven, don’t you think?

This sunglasses brand is giving me true, heart eyes.

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This tumblr’s imagery is so beautiful. I take a peek every time I need to see something soothing and real and nice.

Some Summer Playlists to get you jigging about like you should.

It is time to start clearing out your house and wardrobe to make way for the new year. Here is your guide to my worst nightmare.

Featured image source. Dog = Love.


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