Have a Great Weekend


Hello folks! It is most definitely the weekend. For most of us this signals the end of the good ol’ werk week, and it’s time to blow off steam. Wherever you are in the world right now, my tip to you this weekend is to write a list of the BEST and most pleasurable things you do with you. Get to that list, girl.

The chillier that Melbourne is getting, the stronger my urge to wear all my clothing at once.. and bake. Mmm cookies. I’m doing a little shoot here and there full of disco, glitter and bodies and learning some Italian opera. That music will get in my head and stay in it, if it’s the last thing I do! We in the Down Under are celebrating the Queen this weekend by not going to work on the Monday- we are most definitely all for it. This one is going to be long, luxurious and full of loving. Self, platonic and sexxxxxxy.

What are you up to? Make sure you remember to shake your thang, take time for doing you and be CREATIVE.


As always, links for you and music to slip you into a bubble bath of harmony, texture of melodic color swirls.

When you love your best friend but he’s friend-zoning you.

Cranberry Orange and Pecan Coffee Cake… what else do you need?

Where am I heading this Summer?

Having finally booked my one way ticket to Germany- Yes!- I am checking this rental site out for potential new homes.

I surprisingly LOVED this movie. Truly. So funny.

Discovering the joy of single-tasking.

Best in IKEA products… under 10 buckeroonis.

Beginners Beauty with Garance.

Some SNG recent and not so;

What to buy in Morocco

Youtube dance lessons for all!

French poetry- Austrian Art

See you of the flip of the flippy, flip.


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