Have a Great Weekend.


Hello my peaches! It is thy weekend yet again, and I wanted to wish you one of the best ones. As I have been traveling my way through Italy, Spain, France and England in the past few months I have not wished you a good weekend in such a long time! Jeez Louise I have missed giving your Saturdays as well as those pretty little Sundays the kiss of the well wish. So lets not wait another moment. *moist lips approaching.

That felt good. Too good.

This week I have been occupying many of the cafes around Melbourne trying to find that absolute perfect combination of excellent food, coffee and atmospheric goodness that I can hijack and turn into my work-pleasure location of the now. I say work-pleasure, because it seems that I am of the generation that cannot do any work without immediate if not simultaneous reward. My ideal situation would be: write one word, drink a sip of coffee…. write a sentence, take a bite of muffin. And so on. Anyway, I have not yet successfully found this place, but when I do I shall never ever mention its name. Not even if Nicole Kidman was begging me to in her particularly good Southern American Accent. Never ever. Mine. My precious.

This weekend I am having an epic date night with Lebanese falafels, popcorn and a movie with my pretty man toy I now call boyfriend. I am learning the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven on piano, so I will most likely to be found sitting at my keyboard, plinking and plonking away until one of my housemates once again resisting the urge to throw a plate at the back of my head kindly asks me to cease and desist. Another of my weekend pursuits may involve day tripping to a surf town two hours away from Melbourne to wander the dunes and swim under a stormy sky. The weekend is for whiling!

What are you up to this weekend? I hope you are seizing the day! I also hope you are listening to your heart.

Have a great weekend.


As is tradition, here are a few links from about the web, a tune and some things you might have missed from me.

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P.S The theme for this weekend is- love rules.


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