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No matter where you are from, this week was quite the emotional one. The world has been zoning in on the election, and now that the whole damn thing is over it is so easy to feel a little helpless. Maybe a little sad. We can mourn the loss of the opportunity of having a female president. We can celebrate a victory, if you are so inclined. But what is so important at these times is to realize that you in your own little way can be making the changes in the world that you so yearn for regardless of any big-wig election. Within your own circle is where you need to start making changes.

I recently watched this TedTalk entitled ‘Take The Other to lunch‘. I found it so interesting, this concept of sitting down to a meal with someone with the absolute opposite position on any given issue to you. Gay Marriage… Abortion… Right or Left… Climate Change… These are all relevant issues in today’s society and hearing another human’s perspective without the goal of changing those ideals is an interesting approach that just may be an answer to all of this hate and demonizing of our opponents on every level.

If you didn’t get the result that you wanted for the world in this election, please do not take on a feeling of hopelessness. Take on the responsibility of being a human in a world where there is so much to fight for. Remember that if one of us is being attacked, then that attack is being made on all of us. We are all equal and now is the time to fight for those that are underrepresented. We cannot live in a world where we attack one another for our differences. We need to be brave and have the conversation. Speak out for those that have no voice and never be afraid because that action is love. We all need love. Your voice instills that power throughout your own community and we can perpetuate this to no end. Take someone to lunch who you know disagrees and try to understand them. Change is in love.

We all need love.

This weekend I would like you to hug yourself. Kiss your fingertips and care for you. Embrace your loved ones and let them know the immense importance they hold in your heart and your world. This is your world and you have the power.


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Love love love love love love love and acceptance.

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