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This Friday afternoon I was lucky enough to get TWO of my wisdom teeth brutally yanked from my gob while mentally reciting “HEAVE, Ho! HEAVE, Ho!” like the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White. One question that I would like answered is; am I extracting my wisdom with the actual teeth by the same name? This could be a serious issue as even though the name ‘Sophie’ actually means wisdom, my mother failed in her attempts to leave me with all that much of it. This is clear by the constant day to day, minute to minute shenanigans that I now meet without surprise… it’s just in my bones. Is getting these teeth out really going to help my life or am I going to need to prepare for Armageddon in the form of horrific romantic choices and a life of ordering the worst thing on the menu? Where is this heading?

My intentions this weekend are to do a wide range of activities from my bed. I am going to try and watch this German film again, because one time wasn’t enough. I will also be reading through piles of French and Italian song whilst ringing a bell and ordering my housemates to do my bidding. Wash the floors! You missed a spot!

While I am happy it is the weekend and am completely aware that most others this weekend will not be sitting around prematurely watching Christmas movies whilst ruminating over gaping holes in their mouths… I am quite selflessly going to wish you, peachie, a weekend to remember. One for the ages.

If you are lucky enough to have some spare hours for you and you only, please take the chance to embrace those moments. Reminisce, read, learn, grow and relax into the seemingly bland moments that are everyday life. Note how lucky you are, and let go of what troubles you can. Unwind the knot that furrows between your brows. Remember to smile and remember to breathe.

Happy weekend, peach.


For you: Links and a song.

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If you’re in Europe over the next three months, RyanAir is having one of their sales. 10 Euros to Prague anyone?

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Featured image taken of artwork by Bruce Armstrong, an Australian sculptor currently being featured RN at the NGV. Check him out.


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