Happy Weekend, uh-two-ya


It is the weekend once more, and if you are from my end of the Earth then this is a long one. You heard right- three days, baby. My plan this weekend is to relax. That is the plan, however sticking to this plan has historically been one of those things that can never actually eventuate. I WILL RELAX. I will try. Ok, I’m not relaxing at all.

I hope you have one and don’t forget to tell those you love, that you do in fact love them. Try something new, make up a new word (academic), dance, mediate and stretch your legs.


Here are some things from around the WWW to gear you into one of those good weekends. A tune to commemorate my beloved, Prince. Too good and too soon.

Morocco is the destination of all romance and carpets carrying you to dreams and fantasy.

o-mighty sale items for your basket.

How to make tiramisu.

What does everyone think about retinol?

James Franco: heterosexual or queer tourist?

An inspiring story by Margot and her feeling that being trans is about how you feel inside and see yourself.

Finding the right Antique Rug.

A list of galleries in NYC you probably have never heard about… and may or may not be fully or entirely or completely with your entire soul… be interested in.

I am completely and totally and utterly obsessed with these earrings.

Rihanna and Harmony Korine procreate the video of our dreams. Uhhhhh



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