Happy Weekend, Furry Guys


Its the that week of end yet again, and I wanna say that you have done a full week of work (or not) and you know what? You deserve this. This weekend is about you being yourself in all the fuck-off glory of woman/man that you are, and guess what else? You aint apologising. No time. You’re too busy loving yourself and it’s more than wonderful.

This time round for me, I shall be attempting once again the whole ‘relaxation’ thing. I’m attending a seminar by one badass Melburnian bitch on Ayurvedic Medicine and all things taking care of your inner beauty and harmony. It’s getting colder in Melbourne so I figure I need to get healthy- running and eating pizza in equal quantities- and generally taking better care of this body I call home.  I hope you enjoy your days with the best of the best. I love you.


Links to love around the netty and a tasty tune garnish, as always. 

I have said it once and shall say it again. Gucci. 

Naomi Campbells best of the best quotes.

Beyoncé and Lemonade. Yaaaaas kween.

Is anyone else salivating over pictures of the Philippines? Travel drewl.

Paris-based photographer Kasia Kozinski denounces the social and sexist pressions inflicted to women. Womanization. 

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Mesmerising braids and how to do them.

This photographer pulls my heart strings and more.


Featured image from here. 


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