Happy Weekend.


Happy weekend friends! I am wishing you two days of complete freedom to pounce about your own habitat doing the things that recharge, inspire and energise your imagination and spirit. If you have a spare afternoon and a lingering wish to try something new, Susan Miller, Jupiter in retrograde and Dumbledore might be sending you an invitation to… do it.

This weekend I am tying loose ends. This sounds so boring to the untrained eye, but to me it is bliss to tie up tangled knots of unfinished business. That feeling of release is my gateway drug. Other than that I am hoping to see so much of the people that I love- including my Mother. Sunday is her day and I am going to give her useless pretty things and spend a few hours cooking up a HUGE lasagna. Just for her. Not only did she birth me, but she is a rocking rock of my life and I love that woman.

I am also sending you love- have a good one you cheeky guy. Bye!


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