Happy Weekend


This weekend I’m having a wine and Korean night with my best gal pal. We are trying some laneway bars we haven’t been to yet as we are sick of our current bar-rut. Always the same places, same faces ya know? I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and don’t forget to shake your thang.


In reminder of that, here is a song to start your week’s end along with some funny, nice prettttty links from the web of the world (on the line).

Always repping that Aussie pride, Kylie is making mum (me) proud. She gone done us good.

A break up note that is part art, part food and allllll sass.

The new Gucci from my homegirl, Susie Bubble. I faint and sigh.

Next dream travel destination. Oh the mozzarella and seafood I would consume.

Food for thought. Food for your happiness.


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