Happy Life Y’all


Hello you fine, feline. Welcome to my (newly refurbished) wonderland! Normally I do a Hppy Wknd Edition, however as this is the first day until eternity with this brand-spanking-new address on the Net, I would like to wish you a HAPPY bloody LIFE!

Apologies for the wait! Nevertheless, I am back and ever ready to provide you with seeds for food and thought, tunes, dreamy things and adventures with the whole how-to attachment. I am pumped, and am sending you a virtual HIGH FIVE DUDE! Apologies if you didn’t see that coming, and I accidentally got you in your virtual face.

So! Business is in order. What I would like to say is a BIG thank you to all of the wonderful fellows that have been following me along the way. This blog was born from my loins not three months ago now, and it has already grown legs enough for it to run away with me as my best friend. For those of you who are visiting… welcome well-comer.

A toast!

To concocting wonderfully ubiquitous ideas that buzz you and scare you… and then having the ovaries to actually do it. If you are reading this, then I name you a like-minded ever flowing spirit. You have an exciting thing/path/sexual awakening ahead of you, and you have all the ability and more to meet that with both hands wide open. Being afraid is only ever a good sign.


Here are some links to things around the woods that may please you. Plus a tune. Always a tune.

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Sydney Fashion Week best of the best in street style. Repping the (second) best city in the Land Down Under.

A paradise or no? Cat Island.

Espresso Buttermilk Cake. For your diet that is based on the Cake Pyramid of Nutritional Happiness Love Fuck.

This choker from NastyGal is igniting my fire in all the right places. I think there’s a reason it rules them all.

Have been hitting the Sound of Music hard this week. Therefore, travel inspo Salzburg is way way way in order. Our hills are alive.

How to get off the hamster wheel without quitting your job.

Made me laugh.


Some of She you may like, but didn’t know existed:

fat and crazy.

coffee table books: 101 vagina

playlist: jiggle it with missy


Featured image by Rebekah Campbell via Dazed.


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