Happy (happy) Wknd


Hello hello! It’s the weekend again, yessireebob! Tonight a friend of mine, having just arrived back from the centre of the Earth (Uluru) is playing a nice lil gig at a place called Catfish. Then! I will be seeing old faces belonging to the young bodies of my beautiful mates from around the place, hanging about in cafes (as is my won’t) reading the Famous Five in German (Fünf Freunde) and rolling around in bed! Good gracious, its going to be a good one! Huzzzah!


Here are some links and a tune for you to phhhhwet your phhhwhistle, indeed:

Travel inspo of the week.

People who accidentally dressed like their surroundings.

Ever tried the Cool Teenager Diet ?

How Disney Animators got ideas for their illustrations… looking in the mirror.

A dress for angels.

Truffle fudge brownies with salted caramel. uuuuuhhhhhh, staahp. no. keep going.

Oh Bootsy Collins, I love you.


Put on the Soul Train, get glittery and be gay. Run! Run, I say!

Love you furry ones.


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