Good-Goal Vibes Only


What is the exact formula for creating a positive, happy and kicking-fucking-goals life? There is none, but there are secret paths to tiny moments that can lighten your hearts’ feathers to a drift in the clouds.

Everyone has the notion that optimism and rosy-eyed glasses is the path to ones feeling of wholesome goodness. Everyone would be right.

What is my life’s logic? What have I learnt that has lead me to believe that I am a worthwhile human that has the ability to dance and run and fight?


Blind belief in being better, seeing better and knowing better is right there in front of my eyes.


My father is the most sentimental, nostalgic man I know. He has kept random trinkets and treasures from our childhood any normal human-being would consider to be complete and utter junk. Gifts we made out of toilet rolls, gum nuts, googley-eyes and clag glue. Nothing special to the naked eye- but so much more than nothing, truly.

This nostalgia has always affected me in the way that I have wanted to record and hold and embrace the present. To clutch these plain, boring little moments that daily life can offer as something as wondrous as magic and as precious as gold.

Every moment IS gold and magic. Take time to search for it and you will never waste another second.


Life is beautiful even in its crudest and most unpalatable state.


How do you do all the things that your (wonderfully) crazy mind has dreamt up? Trust and do. Trust and do. Trust and do. Consider why you want to do something and the reasons that may be preventing you from doing them right now.



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Here are some reasons that should NEVER prevent you from following your own groove:

They will laugh. They won’t like it.

They don’t matter. Imagine yourself in 20 years looking back on your life, and telling someone the story of you not giving a flying fishbowl about what they said. You did it. Maybe you failed. But you did it.

The end result is too far in the distance.

Now, if you are a big dreamer like me then you ‘run before you walk’ as my mother describes pretty much everything I have ever done in my life (affectionately). Don’t worry about that final result- the path to it is way more fun than achieving it will ever be. Stumble, tremble and bumble slowly along, and don’t forget to pick the daisies along the way.

Everyone does this, the competition is too great.

For creatives, this can be a huge factor and reason to quit ever before beginning. Yes, of course, there are so many people in absolutely every field trying to make it in some way or another. There is a new face on the scene for every day in the week, and why shouldn’t your face be one of them? You have every right to love what you do and to pursue it. Don’t waste time in calculating every other winner out there- use that time to BE one of them.

I was told not to continue.

Ever seen one of the million documentaries about how Michael Jordan was kicked off the basketball team? How many successful people have been in the same earthy dirt that you yourself are possibly laying in as we speak? We all must taste the ground before we can breathe the sky and your failures will become your most treasured memories. Winning is one thing, but winning after making a mega come-back is monumental. Its the embodiment of terrific. It’s like having sex AND eating pizza at the same time. Messy and exciting and so good its too good, bye.

My usual cheer-team is no longer available.

If you are lucky, you have had someone throughout your life that has given you little pushes in the right/wrong direction. Little tid-bits of encouragement or even discouragement that has enabled you to shout FUCK YOU WORLD this is me and I’M AWWWN IT. When that person suddenly disappears from your life you learn the real lesson which is: you.are.your.own.boss. You are the one that says, hell yeah girl you just did an amazing job. You are the one to say- hey, fine lady in the mirror there- you have come so far and you’re heading places, sexy sexy sexy thing. Self-love is one thing- self-encouragement is another. Be your own cheer squad.

Whatever your dreams are.

Wherever you are.

Wherever you are going, take pride in yourself.

Trust yourself and don’t look too closely. The truth is life is a whirling wind of events that you couldn’t count if you spent the rest of every lasting second of your existence trying to. Let yourself fail, but never EVER stop doing. NEVER stop noticing. TAKE PLEASURE in the norm and know that you always hold the key to your own heart.


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