I’m Feelin’ Myself


So I’ve been observing a trend of late. Males and females doing art projects surrounding the partners they have laid, the tinder dates, the exes and the huge failures of relationships they have had. It’s an attempt at the shock-honesty factor. Great. Amazing. More shocking= Female Masturbation. Yes, the media has run many an article about lighting a candle and rubbing essential oils on your nips…but socially, and in what some might call ‘real life’, we are not all that up with it. 


My problem: women either shaming one another or flat out lying about it.


Ever since I was in high school the males surrounding me have been joking, laughing and chatting about how much fun, how normal and how great it is to masturbate. Jerk, wank, stroke… whatever term takes your fancy.

At the SAME time, the females around me were rejecting, dismissing and downright poo-pooing the idea for themselves and their friends. If brought up, eyes would avert, cheeks blush and foreheads wrinkle in outrage. THAT’S DISGUSTING! I still have friends at my ripe old age of 25, in a neo-sexual revolution of feminism and girl-power reigniting… that refuse to admit to, or even try it. This conversation has gone round and round within my sphere of peoples in the past five years.

How do you feel when your boyfriend tells you you’re weird for admitting to it? How do you feel when you best female friend tells you ‘it’s grosssssss’? All happened to me personally when touching on the topic. And initially, I went along with this idea of shaming. But you know what, now I’m just goddamn over it.

It’s a shame. A damn shame, because you know what? Touching yourself rocks and its an activity we should all engage in. Whether your needs are once a week or hour… you know what? It aint hurting anyone. That’s for sure.


So, I wanted to put this out there:

Ladies, you are a power and a source of insatiable energy. You have the mojo. The Justine Powers, or is it Austin… can’t remember.

If you haven’t tried it- do! AND, when other women talk about it remember that your high-five obligation is huge. HUGE. 

The shame thing is lame.

Hate is boring.

Support each other in being equally able to use our hands to LOVE (lurrrrrrrrve) ourselves.

Over and out y’all.

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