Playlist: Eula Beale


A contralto: the lowest of all the female vocal ranges. Some of the most incredible voices you may have the fortune to hear. Low and full of deep, dense richness. A sound that can wrap all around you wherever you go, coming out of the likes of Eula Beale (goddess) and Kathleen Ferrier (mega-babe).

It’s a bit like… riiiiight! Thats why opera singers train their crazy butts off doing this thing. It sounds like marshmallows and ease, and all at the same time the exact opposite. So hard. So… physically abstract. How do they make this noise without looking completely deranged in the face?

Eula Beale never looks deranged. She is my shiny human of light and I love her.


Eula; singing None but the Lonely Heart, Tchaikovsky. Oui.

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