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Well, well, well weekend. We meet again. As have many of the weeks of recent, this one has absolutely flown by. I don’t know if it’s my daily trail of to-do lists that leak from Monday to Thursday or the fact that I am not all that good at checking my watch and/or calendar. I feel as though I am being swept into a Dorothy twister storm that is whipping my ass over the rainbow to 2017, and I am not ready!

Ok guys, I have a confession to make. I haven’t finished my things yet. I mean, yes I have been working on them and doing tidbits here and there, but the things are not finished. So, no I am not yet ready for the New Year and I am sure as hell not ready for the Santa Storm of gift giving and bon bon yanking. Get it away from me, this is not happening.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that I need to get the things together before the clock in Whoville counts to 12.00.

Mr. Claws- Challenge accepted.

This weekend you are going to find me maniacally completing to-do lists that have become dusty and tea-stained over the past 10 or so months. I will be getting rid of the pile of mysterious tissues from under my front car seats. I will be donating clothes that I have been eyeing with guilt for the past 10 or so years. I will be doing some yoga. All successful, held together women do yoga. I will also be replying to that email you sent me in June.

I hope you have a nice one. Please don’t lose any hair over this end of November bit. Your things look neat and tidy… and if they aren’t so good by December 31? I’ll be with you to write the new list of to do’s. Easy.


Eleven Links and One Tune

An epic eyebrow makeover. 

Kate Bush is just incredible in her newly released vid. Check. it. out.

My favourite ever horoscopes. Susan Miller- filtered and funnier.

Cool (feminist) fashion for you. Anytime, anyway. Oh, hey!

Looking for some podcast loving for your upcoming abundance of free-time? Happy ears = Happy new years.

People talking about clothes that make them feel cute. More of this please.

Loved what our gal Sia did for her award winning speech at the ARIAs this year. Yes, Marriage Equality!

Is anyone else freaking out over the upcoming mini-series of Gilmore Girls? Team Jess, over here.

10 Places to visit when you’re in love…

Cherry Pie! Scrumptious and it even has fruit in it.

Thinking of buying one of these for my upcoming travels… thoughts?


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