Elli Vogue: Get Rich with Ebay


Does your wardrobe look like a war zone? Do you feel like you’re lacking a little in the beer money department? Has getting dressed in the morning become a reenactment of the latest WWE wrestle match? Is smiling something that you’re interested in?

Here’s how I made over $500 in 1 month without even breaking a sweat as my wardrobe cleaned itself out. eBay. Simple as that. This is my guide to everything eBay and getting rich while also in many ways, getting happy*.

*money has been known not to be the root of happiness


Here are some tips on how to maximise profit with very little effort. Tips and tricks of the trade and you’re very welcome.


1. Download the app and create an account. It’s simpler and a whole lot more straight forward than the website with foolproof step by step instructions*.

2. When creating your account refrain from using your name as your username–  you don’t want crazies tracking you down later.

3. Be descriptive and use a lot of keywords in the description title. This means it will be more likely to pop up in searches; ultimately reaching a higher audience.

For example, ‘men’s jeans’ or ‘unworn men’s size 34 blue denim KSUBI jeans’

4. Throw in the word vintage for older items- mind those adjectives!

5. Put the original RRP (recommended retail price) in the description section. Something that was $70 that is now selling for $10 sounds like a mad bargain.

6. Take good photos! A minimum of two and a maximum of five. Remember good lighting is key and feel free to use a filter to enhance your items, just don’t overdo it.

7. Don’t have someone model the item in the photos because it makes you think ‘that is someone else’s unfamiliar body sweating in the tshirt I want to buy.’ Instead use bright, white backgrounds cause let’s face it, no one wants to buy second-hand goods from what looks like a dark dingey meth lab. Amen.

8. Leave tags on where possible. This proves the item is unworn and people will pay more for something new.

9. Have a PayPal account. It’s free and asking people to direct deposit into your bank account sounds seedy.

10. Lessen your starting price but bump up your postage a little. It usually costs 7.50 at the post office to post a 500g satchel Australia-wide, so select the standard postage option but say the postage is 11.50. Buy yourself a coffee with the profit!

11. If people inbox you directly with questions, always be friendly. Even if the person seems stupid and rude, they may end up buying your item will have to leave feedback. Your 100% positive rating is important. Anything under 95% means the seller isn’t great and will effect your eBay future.

12. You can sell items in bulk lots. Saves time if on that eBay day you are leaning towards the minimal effort side of life.

13. Check for similar items that other people have listed so you can get a rough idea of what you items are realistically worth. Remember if your item doesn’t sell you can re-list it up to 3 times for free.

14. Google your item and use the original photo from the store. If you bought the item originally online this should be very easy to pull from that site. This lets people have an added perspective of what they are buying and the pictures (as they are professional) will add to the attraction of the whole shebang.

15. Have patience but have fun! 




Have you ever sold or bought an item on eBay? Let us know if you have any tips to add to our list.

We will all become experts, and then we can make our own trophies for our achievements.. that we may then in future sell on eBay. The circle of life. 

Writer: Elli Vogue

Co-Writer: Sophie Ellis

Photos from Le Père Noël est use Pointure, Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Paris. Gucci Resort ’16.



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