Melbourne: Dejour Jeans


Melbourne’s best kept jeans-secret is here for your eyes and your eyes only. And also your legs. And your butt. But definitely not your arms.

Dejour Jeans is special for two reasons. One: they have every colour and material your huge heart could desire. Two: they alter them so that they reincarnate as the most flattering amalgamations of thread and cotton that could grace your sweet, sweet buttocks.

This tiny, grungy and somewhat grubby shop holds all this and more. Really. They have now branched out to jackets, skirts and shorts. What else could we want but possibly… a denim hat? I think this could be in the works.

How to Dejour

  1. Arrive. Choose a couple to try on.
  2. Wait in a possibly horrendously long line in a small, hot space that is the shop. Sweat a little.  Wipe brow surreptitiously with a hanky to avoid embarrassment about your over-active sweat glands.
  3. Let the shop assistants mark up your pants for fitting.
  4. Pay. Pick up later (up to one day depending on how extensive the alteration and how busy the day).
  5. I see you baby, shaking that ass.


542 Sydney Road, Brunswick


Feature image by Broadsheet


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