‘Tube Tutorials: Dance Like a Boss


You can learn next to anything on Youtube. I can imagine that in future, when I have a baby born by my own loins, that I shall just let them learn everything from Youtube! Twerking, crying about Britney, falling over and cats… what else would they need to know?

I have been obsessed with this channel as of late. This hot lady has got some moves, and frankly all I care about is being able to reenact these locomotions in the centre of a club dance floorΒ Honey (2003)Β style. I am Jessica Alba. Kind of. Not at all.

So! Here are some of my favourite tutorials from her world of ‘tube and I hope it inspired you to jiggle that jelly.

TOP TIP: Try learning while naked! Why not?

Introducing, Mandy JirouxΒ 

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