New York City: Upper East To West Side


Welcome to my absolute highlights of the Upper East and West Sides. Home to the heart and soul of the city, Central Park. Notorious for their Upper Class population of penthouse apartments, lush brownstone homes and everything Tiffany’s, Dolce and Amazing. The Upper East and West side are not to be missed. Eat bagels here, pretend to be Samantha/Charlotte or the red haired one, wear nice shoes… wink at anyone in a suit with a full head of hair. You’re set.

To get you in the mood I thought I would play you a little tune… just wait for it.



Central Park

Central Park is huge. It’s a jungle of hundreds of secret pockets of happiness and there is only so much you can see in one day. Check out the turtles by the fountain, pay tribute to the Beatles and John Lennon in the Strawberry Fields, and take a long lolloping cruise in a row boat in the lake at Loeb’s Boathouse. Take a picnic, bask in your own assertion that you make fantastic life decisions.

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New York City: Greenwich to Brooklyn


Round TWO ladies and gentlemen. So now we are heading further south of Manhattan Island, and going all the way downtown to Brooklyn. Uhhhhh. I’m talking culture with a side of culture. I’m chatting love on the block and all over town.

A little insight into the southerly area of this big ol’ city. If I had endless time to chill, you bet your bottom dollar this is where I would be. Covered in vintage (faux) fur, slurping my oysters and reading my Baudelaire. I would be getting a better haircut (touchy topic), grinding in the best of the best LGBT bars and lounging avec donut. Alas, this is a holiday time, and as such you and I must hustle.

This guide: Packing, Budget, Love, Laughter, peeing a little and changing underwear.

New York is the ultimate destination for those wanting to wander and frollick. There is something for every person, and I guarantee this city will draw you out and punch you in the face with happiness. Not in a violent way, but an extremely pleasurable way. Dig?


New York City: Midtown to Flatiron District



Before making my first trip to New York City, NYC baby, I read so much about others’ reactions to the place. It’s the city that never sleeps! It’s alive and its buzzing and its overwhelming and its amazing. All true. All TRUE!

To encapsulate this city into one sentence is a farce and impossibility. Imagine the amalgamation of all cultures, all art, history, music, influence, ages and eras. People  and treasures from all corners of the world, following their dreams, chasing those vibes that engulf you as soon as your plane lands.

Here I have collected but a few of my favorite experiences of New York, New York. Eating, seeing, touching, feeling and of course… eating.

Midtown is where you are going to hit most of your Tourist To Do List. My advice: walk around to each place. Get lost and get found. Chill out. ‘Tourist Crazy’ is contagious and probably the most un-fun affliction to hit you on your holiday. See what you can but don’t sweat it if you can’t do it all.

Magic. Enjoy.Listen as you read.





Times Square

Take in Times Square and its complete and utter madness of cars, lights, ads, living statues and Jesus preachers. Get an oversized bag of MnM’s in every flavor and color and buy tickets to see a show for that night and every other night you’re there. Ah, paradis.