Happy Holidays


First of all, let’s all acknowledge just how fantastic it is to be living and breathing and surviving this year of 2016 (slash your entire life). You could have given up when that inconsiderate housemate ate your leftover lasagna. You could have boo-hooed all the way home when your meagre savings couldn’t quite stretch to the good cheese. You could have fallen apart mentally and physically when you slipped on that metaphorical banana while walking the catwalk that is your life. You didn’t. You’re still here.

You may be bruised, downtrodden and downright sexually frustrated but the fact of the matter is that you survived. Pleasure should be rippling through your body as we speak.

“Done-diddly-duhhhn gal!” shouts Flanders from behind you somewhere distant, yet intimately near.

Happy Holidays lover-plum pie-cheeky cheese. I wanna extend the warmest of warm wishes to you and absolutely every human that has ever laid eyes on your supple charm. I think that you are wonderful. Now the only right and real thing to do is to crack open a beer, take off your pants and let your gut bellow out into the fresh, warm air. In the wise words of Nickleback, I like your pants around your feet.

What are your plans for these next couple of weeks? Here in Australia we are blessed/cursed to have summer and this holiday heaven coincide in a huge mix of happiness and anxiety. Heat is the extra, very exciting obstacle that can really rile up a crowd of unsatisfied Christmas party attendees.

Personally, I like to get my full Christmas spirit on by watching all of the Christmas films, singing carols with my nerdy muso friends and eating pie. I love pie! I will be chilling and illing with my averagely insane family and casually terrorising my younger cousins with a fully fledged water machine gun that shoots them even when they’re running away very quickly.

To be real though, my aim is to really let the little things go. To breathe in the moments and let them go simultaneously. My friends and family are superstars and heros without the masks. Oh happy days.

Peaches, all the love in the universe surrounds you. Happy Holidays.




As it is Christmas Eve, here are my recommendations of my absolute favourite holiday films of all time.

*Keep in mind that it is within my skill set to nail that Grinch smile.

  1. Elf– if you wanna laugh so much with Christmas spirit leaking out the corner of your eyes.
  2. The Grinch– if you love to see miniature men with tiny noses, squeaking maniacal Christmas tunes.
  3. The Santa Clause– if you like to see average men like Tim Allen gain weight profusely over night with a hint of ninja elves drinking hot cocoa.
  4. The Holiday– if you wanna let some romance into your life and provide yourself with bedtime inspiration in the form of Cameron and Jude. Uhhh.
  5. Love Actually– if you wanna hear charming British accents and watch disastrous romantic decisions unfold to create the perfect mix of misery and happiness that we all love and adore.




Some useful-useless things about our net for you:

A Holiday Conversation Cheat-sheet. Something we all need.

Speaking of parties, getting down and what-not… whose responsibility is it to carry the condom?

A guide to giving back over the holiday period. If 2016 gave you shit, give it daisies in the form of charity work and unrequited love.

How well did you know things this year? Two truths and a lie, the 2016 edition.

The compliment project.

John Malkovich models in this photographer’s recreation of iconic portraits.

How to negotiate around the world- a guide.

Nothing says party like this silver, body hugging delight.

A New Year’s Survival Kit.

Need to get your fine body further around this globe but on a budget tighter than Bey’s body suits? Best budget destinations. 

And finally…

16 stories that prove 2016 wasn’t all that bad.

If that doesn’t convince you, what about these things?


Feature image source.

See you in the NEW YEAR!


Enjoy your weekend


Well, well, well weekend. We meet again. As have many of the weeks of recent, this one has absolutely flown by. I don’t know if it’s my daily trail of to-do lists that leak from Monday to Thursday or the fact that I am not all that good at checking my watch and/or calendar. I feel as though I am being swept into a Dorothy twister storm that is whipping my ass over the rainbow to 2017, and I am not ready!

Ok guys, I have a confession to make. I haven’t finished my things yet. I mean, yes I have been working on them and doing tidbits here and there, but the things are not finished. So, no I am not yet ready for the New Year and I am sure as hell not ready for the Santa Storm of gift giving and bon bon yanking. Get it away from me, this is not happening.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that I need to get the things together before the clock in Whoville counts to 12.00.

Mr. Claws- Challenge accepted.

This weekend you are going to find me maniacally completing to-do lists that have become dusty and tea-stained over the past 10 or so months. I will be getting rid of the pile of mysterious tissues from under my front car seats. I will be donating clothes that I have been eyeing with guilt for the past 10 or so years. I will be doing some yoga. All successful, held together women do yoga. I will also be replying to that email you sent me in June.

I hope you have a nice one. Please don’t lose any hair over this end of November bit. Your things look neat and tidy… and if they aren’t so good by December 31? I’ll be with you to write the new list of to do’s. Easy.


Eleven Links and One Tune

An epic eyebrow makeover. 

Kate Bush is just incredible in her newly released vid. Check. it. out.

My favourite ever horoscopes. Susan Miller- filtered and funnier.

Cool (feminist) fashion for you. Anytime, anyway. Oh, hey!

Looking for some podcast loving for your upcoming abundance of free-time? Happy ears = Happy new years.

People talking about clothes that make them feel cute. More of this please.

Loved what our gal Sia did for her award winning speech at the ARIAs this year. Yes, Marriage Equality!

Is anyone else freaking out over the upcoming mini-series of Gilmore Girls? Team Jess, over here.

10 Places to visit when you’re in love…

Cherry Pie! Scrumptious and it even has fruit in it.

Thinking of buying one of these for my upcoming travels… thoughts?


Have a Sunny Weekend.


Finally we are seeing a cheeky wink of Summer! I am actually bursting with joy at the fact that this weekend we are going to have not one but TWO days of sunshine down here in the at times moody Melbourne. In house we are taking advantage of the weather to do a full blown backyard blitz to get ready for a marathon of barbecue dinners and backyard afternoon swilling of the latest, cheapest Rosé we can get our hands on. Bliss is this weather, I tell ya! We are also going to take a trip over to the local Hispanic Fiesta in Fitzroy to dance some salsa and eat our weight in delicious BBQ corn. Yes!

So this weekend is all about the afternoon beers, the evening sangrias and the letting go of the stresses that have been building over this (particularly long) winter. Our backyard is so up for this TLC as are we.

Have yourself a sunny weekend and don’t forget to smile and love a little. You are a blossoming flower come butterfly- spread those wings, baby!


Some Links For Wandering and a Tune!

I just watched this Winona classic for the very first time. She is heaven, don’t you think?

This sunglasses brand is giving me true, heart eyes.

I love this brand for affordable, babe-ing dresses that get delivered to your door like a very special present from you to you. How cute are these wrap dresses? 

Getting so excited for my upcoming trip. This guide is fantastic!

Men for rent in Japan?

This tumblr’s imagery is so beautiful. I take a peek every time I need to see something soothing and real and nice.

Some Summer Playlists to get you jigging about like you should.

It is time to start clearing out your house and wardrobe to make way for the new year. Here is your guide to my worst nightmare.

Featured image source. Dog = Love.


Have a good weekend.


No matter where you are from, this week was quite the emotional one. The world has been zoning in on the election, and now that the whole damn thing is over it is so easy to feel a little helpless. Maybe a little sad. We can mourn the loss of the opportunity of having a female president. We can celebrate a victory, if you are so inclined. But what is so important at these times is to realize that you in your own little way can be making the changes in the world that you so yearn for regardless of any big-wig election. Within your own circle is where you need to start making changes.

I recently watched this TedTalk entitled ‘Take The Other to lunch‘. I found it so interesting, this concept of sitting down to a meal with someone with the absolute opposite position on any given issue to you. Gay Marriage… Abortion… Right or Left… Climate Change… These are all relevant issues in today’s society and hearing another human’s perspective without the goal of changing those ideals is an interesting approach that just may be an answer to all of this hate and demonizing of our opponents on every level.

If you didn’t get the result that you wanted for the world in this election, please do not take on a feeling of hopelessness. Take on the responsibility of being a human in a world where there is so much to fight for. Remember that if one of us is being attacked, then that attack is being made on all of us. We are all equal and now is the time to fight for those that are underrepresented. We cannot live in a world where we attack one another for our differences. We need to be brave and have the conversation. Speak out for those that have no voice and never be afraid because that action is love. We all need love. Your voice instills that power throughout your own community and we can perpetuate this to no end. Take someone to lunch who you know disagrees and try to understand them. Change is in love.

We all need love.

This weekend I would like you to hug yourself. Kiss your fingertips and care for you. Embrace your loved ones and let them know the immense importance they hold in your heart and your world. This is your world and you have the power.


Links and a Tune.

This song makes me laugh and smile. Maybe you too.

F*ck that’s delicious. An photographic eating guide.

Six women who were victorious this week.

The mind clearing magic of running. This could also be good for this weekend. Get your head in the game.

Amazing love scenes where pop-culture actually got consent right. Yes!

Courtney Love’s collection for Nasty Gal is making me feel nasty. Uhhh.

Where am I heading on my next trip? Here.

Leonard Cohen. Another legend lost to 2016.

Red-wine-grilled-cheese-sandwich? Deluxe combination or destroying disaster? *Willing to take the risk.

Is the ‘shacket’ the new jacket? Inquire within.

Love love love love love love love and acceptance.

Featured image source.



Have a Chilled Weekend


This Friday afternoon I was lucky enough to get TWO of my wisdom teeth brutally yanked from my gob while mentally reciting “HEAVE, Ho! HEAVE, Ho!” like the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White. One question that I would like answered is; am I extracting my wisdom with the actual teeth by the same name? This could be a serious issue as even though the name ‘Sophie’ actually means wisdom, my mother failed in her attempts to leave me with all that much of it. This is clear by the constant day to day, minute to minute shenanigans that I now meet without surprise… it’s just in my bones. Is getting these teeth out really going to help my life or am I going to need to prepare for armageddon in the form of horrific romantic choices and a life of ordering the worst thing on the menu? Where is this heading?

My intentions this weekend are to do a wide range of activities from my bed. I am going to try and watch this German film again, because one time wasn’t enough. I will also be reading through piles of French and Italian song whilst ringing a bell and ordering my housemates to do my bidding. Wash the floors! You missed a spot!

While I am happy it is the weekend and am completely aware that most others this weekend will not be sitting around prematurely watching Christmas movies whilst ruminating over gaping holes in their mouths… I am quite selflessly going to wish you, peachie, a weekend to remember. One for the ages.

If you are lucky enough to have some spare hours for you and you only, please take the chance to embrace those moments. Reminisce, read, learn, grow and relax into the seemingly bland moments that are every day life. Note how lucky you are, and let go of what troubles you can. Unwind the knot that furrows between your brows. Remember to smile and remember to breathe.

Happy weekend, peach.


For you: Links and a song.

This short film about a break-up by Alexi Wasser.

The best food trucks in NYC.

How to survive a hangover at work. Jeez, I wish I had this through my uni days while working part time at the local supermarket. So many awkward instances could have been avoided.

If you’re in Europe over the next three months, RyanAir is having one of their sales. 10 Euros to Prague anyone?

Lonely Planet has released their best in travel for 2017. Resolutions, done.

I love this campaign. The new Volley by Sticks and Stones Agency. #drooling

This is the perfect summer playlist.

Phrases that brave and wise people commonly use.

First date tips by FilthyRatbag.

I need to read this book! I have heard so many good things about it, have you read it yet?

My fake excuses for flaking on plans, dramatized as movies synopses.


Featured image taken of artwork by Bruce Armstrong, an Australian sculptor currently being featured RN at the NGV. Check him out.


Clink-Clink to Your Weekend.


Remember the days when your only worry in life was whether or not to wear your princess dress or your shiny shoes? Remember the days when your sole aim of the day was to piss off your mum by hanging upside down on the monkey bars, full skirt over head, nipples out? I remember those days too. Alas, now you have to worry about boring things like responsibilities and nine-to-five jobs that tighten your anus/make you stressed. Bor-ring. Bawrang.

I am here to shush your fears and qualms and put them to bed whilst you let out your wild friend, otherwise known as your weekend-alter-ego. Be free! Your boss Stanley is no longer looking over your shoulder at your mediocre Friday afternoon attempts. Stanley has already let himself out of himself and is currently wearing the most fabulous velvet gown whilst painting his toenails Unicorn Silver. It’s true. Now… you go.

This weekend I am celebrating what some call the first cat off the wagon. Or the first lass to get hitched. Or a friend who has decided to permanently ring-ify her hand. I already have tears in my eyes. Confession: I am a crier. I don’t cry about much (that’s a lie), but if you ask me to give a speech about anyone or anything, I am bound to get so glassy eyed every single person in the room is waiting for that tear to drop. Can’t do speeches. I also cannot do weddings. I could watch a 10 second ad for a wedding and have already reached for my third tissue before the ad for toilet disinfectant rolls through. I have to say though, I am very excited about this weddin’. I’ll be bawling, kisses will be had and champagne will be inhaled. All of the things. Love is in the air! Yip yip yip!

What are you up to this weekend? Are you still thinking about the embarrassing moment when Stanley finally realized that you were the one with his stapler all along, or are you about to dump that memory in the waste paper bin of deal with it later? What’s it gonna be?

Take it from me, Stanley has already forgotten about it.

Some links from my heart to your eye holes, and a tune to get you to shake that booty.

I made this the other day. It took me five minutes and made me seem really put together and wiz-like in the kitchen. Voilà!

Ever wanted a key to fashion designer, Phillip Lim’s heart? Here it is. He’s a sweetie pie!

I really think I need this badge. Who can resist that wrinkle-full baby face?

After reading the first from this Queen, I need her new book in my life. Girl bosses for life. (#)

The pictures of these rad ladies skating in the 70s make me wanna learn.

Gary Pepper girl bringing insane amounts of elegance to the internet and the planet in general. As always! Bliss.

8 Horror Movie Makers on why we like to be scared.

The newest episode on: Who’s Fucking.

Ok. Now the challenge is to find a better wig than this on the face of the earth.


Here are some cheeky fellas from SHE that you might have missed along the way:

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Screw Bieber. Eula Beale is my idol.

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101 Vagina. The BEST coffee table book for your living room, today.

Featured image of my fave Japanese babe, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Source here.