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10 life lessons with Sophie Ellis


I remember being 18. I even remember being 15. I look back and I think, nope, I would NEVER return! I thought I knew then, but I didn’t. Now at 25, I know. I definitely know what I do know and absolutely not what I don’t.

Having just turned this age, I’m quietly satisfied with the things I know now. I have neatly collected these things into my brain and can even be trusted to act accordingly to this abundant knowledge at times convenient and not so.


Good-Goal Vibes Only


What is the exact formula for creating a positive, happy and kicking-fucking-goals life? There is none, but there are secret paths to tiny moments that can lighten your hearts’ feathers to a drift in the clouds.

Everyone has the notion that optimism and rosy-eyed glasses is the path to ones feeling of wholesome goodness. Everyone would be right.

What is my life’s logic? What have I learnt that has lead me to believe that I am a worthwhile human that has the ability to dance and run and fight?


Melbourne: Fitzroy North


Fitzroy North is little pocket of a neighbourhood that has too often been overshadowed by it’s surrounding big brothers and sisters; Fitzroy, Collingwood, Carlton and Brunswick. Wrong and unjust is all I say, and more!

Here is my mini-guide to Fitzroy North. What to shop, what to explore and what to eat all the sunny afternoon long. Enjoy.