Shesnogood. An ode to time and the pleasure of it passing. To uncertainty, anticipation and the quickening of your heartbeat.

My name is Sophie and I live in Melbourne, Australia. This year I’m moving to Germany to follow my dreams as an anti-diva opera singer. I live for all art and the hardcore nostalgia for times I have lived in, and those I never will.

I speak French, Italian and German. I travel the world. Poetry, pictures, books and silver rings. I am an eggs and soldiers kinda girl.

Here I want to show you little worlds that exist in my head, and burst out my eyes. I want to be real and to never apologise for that realness.

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 Hi and thanks for comin’ down.

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  • Chenel
    February 21, 2016

    My friend recommended your website to me and I’m so glad she did. I love the style of your writing, I especially like your most recent post about having a coffee at journal cafe, took to a place of relaxation whilst I sit amidst the noise of my kiddies 😀 I’m half German and am currently learning the language.
    I’m in Germany right now actually for a visit,where abouts are you moving too? How exciting for you x

    • sophieellis
      February 21, 2016

      Thanks so much, a kind word is always appreciated… and that was a good one! I can relate to your learning of German, I can say without a doubt its the trickiest language I’ve ever ever learnt. Go you!
      We will be moving to Berlin this June! Hope you’re enjoying your trip. S x

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