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who is She?

My name is Sophie and I was born in Melbourne, Australia. I am an opera singer, writer and traveler that is obsessed with fashion in my disco, punk and pink hoop earring wearing way. I love to take photos of the wondrous places that I have been and to convey just how majestic they truly are. I want to encourage all, but especially women, to be fearless in their journey here on Earth.

I live for all art and the hardcore nostalgia for times I have lived in, and those I never will. I speak French, Italian and German.  Poetry, pictures, books and silver rings. I live for challenge, vintage, nipples and peeing in the boys toilet when the girls’ line is oppressively long.

I am for strong women and love for all humans. It’s really nice to meet you, new friend.

This blog is for bad gals with badder dreams. This blog is for those who are not ready to define their life’s purpose, but oh so ready to declare a fight for running freely into the unknown. The fight to grow through doing and to learn through mistakes without a sting but a feeling of relief that you did instead of didn’t.

Here I have the exquisite opportunity to pass on my unstoppable desire to explore and grow. To ravage and savage the ordinary (extraordinary) moments. I urge you to explore in every capacity. To do stupid things, to laugh at yourself and become an expert in the art of kiss and tell.

Here is your spot to find travel guides of all kinds, music, fashion, art and sex. ShesNoGood is your place to lay down your hat and play. To follow your heart.

Hi and thanks for comin’ down.


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