9 ‘Gram Accounts to Accompany your Cake Eating


There can be nothing better than spending your morning hanging solo in your local cafe, eating cake and contemplating your own potential for a career as a life model. I love my solo rendezvous almost more than I do chilling with actual human beings… I like my time to think on whatever, eat whatever (cake) and read things that make me sparkle on the inside.

If you have ever been faced with the horrifying situation in which you have forgotten your book or witty mag, you know that you will inevitably find yourself turning with dread to your old best friend/wingman, the smartphone. Commonly known for its ability to sustain you through awkward social situations and family gatherings. Old faithful.

While you inhale the sweet bliss that will potentially carry you on a journey of kicking butt with just a slight edge of sugar-high mania,  you will also need something to read. Entertain yo’ self girl. Laugh with yo’ self. Get wild.

Enter, the current Hall of ‘chuckles and fuzzy heart fluttering’ Instagram Fame. A curated collection of accounts that will please you throughout your temporary escape from the blaze of reality.



9 Cake Accompanying ‘Grams

Gilmore Girls Daily. A daily reminder of the best goddamn mother-daughter duo of our time plus pics of our first real and meaningful crush on Milo Ventimiglia. Forever adorning our hearts and pre-teen plastered walls.

Every outfit on Sex and the City.  Quite self-explanatory, really. Some of these are too good to be gracing your eyes and you will have trouble putting the phone down and actually resuming your now boring in comparison life.

Filthyratbag.  Another Aussie rocking the block off our minds. Filthyratbag is a 16 y/o illustrator from Melbourne that has the most endearing, hilarious way of expressing exactly what it is to be young and weird. She speaks the truth with wisdom beyond her years.

urmumsyadad. If you ever wanted a glimpse into the real Australia, urmumsyadad hits you with it hard in the way you like it. So many laughs and truths are a-coming your way. Cheeky vids for days.

broadcity. Ok. So I am obviously having some withdrawals from my two truest besties. I miss you guys. Why don’t you call anymore?

girlboss. Girl Boss Inspiration!!! Yeah it is. We don’t all wake up karate chopping cucumbers, some of us need a healthy buck up. Get down on it and quite obviously, be prepared to kick butt even without your own knowledge. Mysterious.

bigsis666. Big Sis rocks for so many reasons! Sorry, those reasons shall not be disclosed here. Inquire within.

fluffypack. Ok who doesn’t need cute picks of puppies to get them pumping the iron in the morn? I call for a puppy vid a day keeps the crabs away slogan tee. You could rotate it with your ‘the future is female’ shirt.

manrepeller. Leandra is the satirical fashion writer of my day-night-right-now-uh dreams. This feed is full of women working it all over the place. You have the chuckles and the fashion inspiration and you’re out the door. Shwing.



This is the list as of today. Alas, my quest for the perfect, and most hilarious feed may never truly be over. Sigh.

Let us know if you have some excellent secret connections to ‘grams that even the most evil and un-laughing human would laugh at. Comment below or send a kiss in the wind. I shall feel it. Deeply. Bye!


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