10 Life Lessons with Irene Facheris


Welcome to the very first edition of 10 LIFE LESSONS WITH… A new and ever so titillating project for ShesNoGood! *Bump, grind, jazz hands. In this series I will be featuring women from all over the world who are absolutely thriving and thrashing towards their dreams with guts that can be admired from miles away, sans binoculars. These women make girl-power seem like an understatement and are here to make our day with the lessons they have learned through their experience and existence on this big ol’ planet so far.

Those who will be writing down their wisdom for our fortunate eyes in the coming months are women who are making their mark on society and truly working from the heart. Their journeys to this day are truly inspirational and have the ability to bring a spark back into any intermittent cat-lady’s eyes. We are going to be able to learn a little something from them in order to go out and kick our own butts. Or the butts of things, such as our own dreams. Yeah!





Irene is an Italian woman from Milan who puts the O in O-varies. Well known for her work as a Youtuber, Irene’s channel boasts almost 23,000 subscribers tuning into her weekly editions chatting the ways of the world, feminism and cyber-puking over the abominable 50 Shades Saga. Irene rocks our world with her no bullsh*t approach to tackling and absolutely smashing gender stereotypes. As the President and Creator of the project, BOSSY.IT, she provides a positively geared platform through which she can reach Italians of all ages on issues surrounding women’s rights as well as the rights of the LGBTQI community. Her badass attitude is contagious with authors contributing to the femme-power website from all over the world.

The special thing about Irene is not only that she’s a talented pasta eater or even that she has the capacity to sing Flawless flawlessly… its that she fights for what she believes in and absolutely cannot and will not stop for anything.

Irene is a wild heart, a beautiful soul and a force to be reckoned with. Welcome to her 10 Life Lessons.


1. Say you’re sorry if you are.
I’m a very proud person and I’m not super happy to say that I’m wrong, even when I’m suuuper wrong. But I’ve learned that a sincere apology can be the best solution.

2. Stop judging people.
And stop giving a damn about other people’s judgements.

3. Women are allies, not enemies.
I know that sometimes other women see me as a threat, I don’t know why. Maybe cause I’m 1.80 cm tall or cause I always speak my mind. My reaction was once “that bitch can say whatever she wants, fuck her”. Now I realize that I NEED other women’s support so I always try to start a conversation trying to understand why they feel the way they feel about me, and it works! I have much more female friends than I used to have back in the days and I love it.

4. Fuck make up.
Years ago I didn’t even take out the trash if I didn’t have at least a bit of mascara on.
That is bullshit. Society tells me that I HAVE TO wear make up but I’ve learned that my face is OK with no make up on and I’m happy with that.

5. Say “I love you” every time you’re in love.

6. Have sex. Just have sex and forget about double standards and slut-shaming.
Enjoy your sex life.

7. TV series are great but read a fucking book once in a while.

8. Try not to hurt people.

9. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and not what fashion tells you to wear. Do you hear me, “beach body ready” commercials?

10. It’s your life, it’s your body.
So make your own choices and follow your own rules.


If you want/need more from Irene, find her here.

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Wisdom, over and out.

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