10 Life Lessons with Georgia Smedley


There are times in our lives that we literally fall in a heap on top of our piles of to-do lists, old bananas and well intended water color experiments. Times when we realize that the rat race just ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Too many rats, and racing isn’t easy when full of eggs, bacon and miscellaneous. It’s in these moments of despair that we look to our shiny, badass fellows for what experts describe as a good old pow-wow. A pep talk. A pip up, mate.

Welcome to the second edition of 10 LIFE LESSONS. If you missed the first edition featuring Irene Facheris then get down on it and just live your life LOCA, my friend. I am literally bursting out of my Yoda PJ pants to announce the next wonderful fireball of a woman who will be heading up Number Two of the series and busting our guts with truths that might very well get us to the end-game.

Curious bystander: What is the end-game, Sophie?

Sophie: Loving ourselves! (duh, CB)





Georgia is the kind of girl that people meet and experience an immediate connection with. Her work offers no difference. Coming from Melbourne, Georgia works as a photographer doing projects that push for change and growth in humanity. Her pictures are thought provoking, beautiful and all together majestic. Having been featured in Frankie, Archer and the Guardian, GS is a wild child that can not and will not separate her heart and soul from her work. Nor should she.

Georgia has the ability to capture her subjects in a way that each seems to be revealing a piece of their soul that is ever so intimate, and ever so delicate. Her contributions to such projects as Herself.com are a triumph in her efforts to fight for women and their right to security, solidarity and power over their bodies. Hell yes! Georgia works with the founder of Herself to depict what they describe as ‘a gesture to women for women by women; a chance to witness the female form in all its honesty’. Her contribution to the newest and raddest Melbourne mag, Butch Is Not a Dirty Word, was also featured in the Lesbian Herstory Archives, all the way over the pond in New York City. Phew! Damn!

Georgia is the kind of human that fights for what she believes in and inspires others to have the courage to do the same. She knows her way around a Vegemite jar and can most often be found whipping her hair to just about any Michael Jackson song within hearing distance.

Welcome to this wonderful, toast munching, woman’s life lessons.



1. When you’re sad and feeling alone, kiss your shoulders and kiss your knees. Trust me, it works.

2. Remember your breath.

3. Lock arms with people who are just as outraged as you.

4. You do not (by any means) have to stick with one passion or one career forever.

5. Nothing is apolitical. If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

6. Butter and chocolate should be eaten together.

7. Becoming your mother is not as awful as TV made it out to be.

8. If a dude does something nice for you, you do not owe him anything except a thank you.

9. You have to put yourself in the way of beautiful things.

10. You don’t have to learn something from every experience. I mean, you can, but sometimes things are just crap and that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re not feeling enlightened that day.


Check out more of Georgia’s work on her website and keep up to date with her latest projects over on her IG. Thanks G.



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